About U3A


Jane Scott, author with Ray Forma, of “The Cape to Cape Track Guidebook” taking our members on a wildflower bush walk.

U3A Margaret River is a voluntary, non- profit organization.

The term University in this context stems from the original sense of the word:

A community of people sharing knowledge.

No prior educational qualifications are required and there are no tests or examinations.

U3A Margaret River Inc aims to offer its members opportunities to interact through learning and teaching, without distinction between those who learn and those who teach and thereby to foster the intellectual, physical, cultural and creative abilities of its members.

We also provide social occasions for members to interact, share ideas and foster a healthy community life.

We are fortunate to have a vast amount of experience and knowledge within our community and we encourage all members to share it with us.

The guiding principle of self help and mutual support are the very cornerstones of the U3A movement.