Asking Questions- Getting Answers

Bill Bunbury

This course consists of one-half day workshop.

Friday 22 March 9.30am – 1pm

In this workshop, Bill will cover all aspects of interviewing to gain information that can be used in books, audio recordings and/or sound features. He will draw on 40 years’ experience at the ABC and subsequently. Bill will also illustrate and demonstrate basic technical requirements and interviewing skills. These include question techniques and the role of research.

The course may be useful to anyone who is planning to ask their relatives or friends about their lives or writing a book that involves talking to people about significant experiences. There will be an opportunity to practice what you have learned and you may like to bring a smart phone or another battery-powered electronic device with a record and playback function.

Min 4 – Max 12

Cost: $10

Venue: Church Gallery, Margaret River Community Centre, 33 Tunbridge St