Brain Plasticity for Older Adults

Georgina Kelly

Tues 10am – 11.30 am

May 7, 14, 21

In this three-part course local psychologist Georgina Kelly will be looking at the ageing brain, the myths and the science around brain health and decline. She will suggest how we can increase brain neurogenesis and neuroplasticity to forestall the effects of ageing on our cognitive processes.

Session 1 will cover basic neural physiology and how our brains work and change over the lifetime. Session 2 will look at enriched versus toxic environments and what the science says can harm or increase brain potential. Session 3 will cover “practising” the brain, the exercises and puzzles that work to forestall brain decline and those that don’t, and why that is.

All aspects of this course will be science-based and will present what has been researched, as opposed to the myths that proliferate in the media, fuelled by retailers and supported by pseudo-science.

Min 3 – Max 10

Cost $10

Venue:  Anglican Church Hall, 11 Station Road, Margaret River