Margaret River: Steps of Past Generations

Dr Jack Barrett

Fri 10.30am – 12 noon
Please note this course is FORTNIGHTLY, three sessions over five weeks

May 17,  31  June 14

Semester 1: AMR’s Early People – How they evolved, arrived and developed their base here until English settlers arrived

Session One: Early people – How they evolved and migrated here
Who were the first people to come to Australia? Where did they come from? What steps did they take to reach here? In this introductory session, Jack will explain how evolution impacted on the first Aboriginal arrivals, the climate cycles they lived in, how climate changes affected the coastline and vegetation, and how this influenced early living areas and the steps in their migration.

Session Two: In harmony with the land, pre and post the last Ice Age peak
How did the early Australians live? What skills did they have? How did they cope with major past climate change? The First Australians lived on this land for thousands of years. In this session, Jack will look at what archaeology can tell us about their way of life, skills, tools, the changes in animals and their locations, and the later arrival of new animals such as the dingo.

Session Three: Exploration and initial colonisation
What did the early European explorers record about the Great South Land? How did they interact with the people who were already here? In this session Jack will provide an overview of Dutch, French and British aims and activities in the Indian Ocean region, initial exploration of South Western Australia and the initial steps taken by the early nineteenth century settlers at King George Sound, Augusta, the Swan River, the Vasse and Australind.

Min 8 – Max 35

Cost: $10

Venue: Main Meeting Room. Margaret River Community Centre, 33 Tunbridge St