Philosophy Group

Eileen Noakes

First Tues 1.30 – 3.30pm

First Tuesday of the month
March 5  April 2  May 7  June 4

This is a new monthly discussion group.  All you need to participate is an enquiring mind and respect for the ideas and opinions of others. Each month the group will discuss topics selected at the previous meeting, where there is no right or wrong answer- just different thoughts and opinions.  Questions might include: What is merit?  Is marriage relevant in the twenty first century? Why idolise others? Is happiness really attainable?
Every member will have the opportunity to state his/her opinion on the topics, if they wish. Other members may present a different view while respecting the right of each group member to hold that opinion. We all have different life experiences which have influenced what, and how we think.  Come along with your thoughts and ideas. At the first meeting, Eileen will present a draft code of ethics (rules of engagement!) for consideration which will be discussed and a final version agreed. 

Min 4 – Max 16

Cost: $10

Venue: Main Meeting Room, Margaret River Community Centre, 33 Tunbridge St. (Church Gallery MRCC May 7)