Watercolour Painting for Beginners

Margaret Affleck

Thurs 1pm – 3.30 pm

Feb 28  March 7, 14, 21, 28

No prior painting experience is necessary for this introduction to watercolours. This new course will introduce several techniques such as washes, brush markings, lifting out and texturing. Each session will have a different theme and will be based on the drawing of a simple object, eg a piece of fruit. Composition, tones and shadows, and colour will be discussed and demonstrated.

Min 4 – Max 6

Cost: $10

Venue: Wash House Art Studio, Margaret River Community Centre, 33 Tunbridge St

Please note: participants will be asked to reimburse Margaret for brushes and paper at $33.00. In addition on enrolment participants will be given a list of other materials to bring which will include the paint. This is the most expensive item and the cost can range from 3 tubes of Windsor and Newton watercolour paint at $15.00 a tube ($45) or a small set of watercolour pans in a palette which can be as much as $58.00.