U3A Margaret River

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 20ACR2  Painting with Acrylics    HORTI    Julia Cowling   06/11/2020  Fri   10:00   weekly  
 20BEH2  Understand your Behaviour in Community    MRCC church    Martin Ringer   14/10/2020  Wed   14:00   weekly  
 20BOT2  Diversity of South Western Plants    MRCC church    Neville Marchant   19/10/2020  Mon   13:00   weekly  
 20CYC2   Simply Cycling Weekly    YAHAVA    Dave Leggott   03/08/2020  Mon   9:00   weekly  
 20DANC2  Dancaterapia - Dance Therapy    KARATE    Ro Robertson   06/08/2020  Thu   10:30   weekly  
 20ECOS2  Evolution of Remarkable Ecosystem    FAIRHARV    Pete Lane   13/10/2020  Tue   10:30   1 day  
 20ENERG2  Sources of Renewable Energy    MRCC MAIN    Ken Dyer   07/08/2020  Fri   14:00   weekly  
 20FM2  In Search of Fine Music 8    MRCC MAIN    Jack Knudson   16/11/2020  Mon   14:00   weekly  
 20JAZZ2  Understanding Jazz    MRCC church    Ken Dyer   24/09/2020  Thu   14:00   weekly  
 20KIMB2  Kimberley Region of WA    MRCC MAIN    Jeffery Gresham   14/10/2020  Wed   10:30   weekly  
 20MEM2  Remembering and Writing    MRCC MAIN    Margaret Cole   05/11/2020  Thu   9:00   2 Wks  
 20MOROC2  Cultural Adventures in Morocco    MRCC church    Terry Hoyne   10/11/2020  Tue   10:00   1 day  
 20PASA2  Passionate About Art    6848 CAVES    Bill Castleden   19/08/2020  Wed   10:00   weekly  
 20PHIL2  Ethical Challenges in a Modern World    MRCC MAIN    Alan Moore-Fiander   08/09/2020  Tue   13:30   Mthly  
 20PIE2  More Pastry Tarts 1    129 HARR    Jill James   18/08/2020  Tue   10:30   1 day  
 20PIE22  More Pastry Tarts 2    129 HARR    Jill James   25/08/2020  Tue   10:30   1 day  
 20POTT2  More Pottering About    106MAN    Marg Sharp   06/10/2020  Tue   10:00   weekly  
 20SCULP2   Creative Lessons in Clay Sculpture 3    TA Gallery    susan Sowerby   03/08/2020  Mon   10:00   weekly  
 20SHAKE2  Shakespeare's Messages Today    MRCC church    Bill Bunbury   04/09/2020  Fri   14:00   weekly  
 20SING2   The Pleasures of Singing    7CAB    Barbara Webster   04/08/2020  Tue   14:00   weekly  
 20STOC2  Insights into Stocks and Shares    6848 CAVES    Bill Castleden   06/08/2020  Thu   10:00   weekly  
 20STORY2  Story Gathering 4    5 ZANI    Margot Edwards   12/10/2020  Mon   14:00   None  
 20SWIM2  Swimming Made Easy    MRREC    Ian McMahon   07/09/2020  Mon   12:30   VARY  
 20WALK2  Walking Margaret River    FIELD 2    Jo Jennings   09/09/2020  Wed   9:00   weekly  
 PLAYTIME  Open to all social games day    CLUB    Erica Hills   05/08/2020  Wed   1:30   weekly