To enrol on courses you must first join as a new member using our computerised system here: UMAS for Members.

On this page, click ‘Join’ either in the menu on the left, or the large button. Fill in the details on the three short forms that are presented. Note that items marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Leave the field ‘Membership’ set at ‘Member’ (unless you are joining as a course leader, see below*).

On the fourth screen, you can review all of your entries. To change anything, use the ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ buttons as required. Click ‘Submit’ when you are happy with your details.

On completing the joining form you will be given a membership number. Make sure you take a note of the membership number you have been given and the password you created. Once you have completed the joining process you will need to login to your newly created account to first register your subscription for the year and then enrol on courses. Click here for those instructions.

*For course leaders, choose ‘Volunteer’ if you are only going to lead a course, and ‘Member leader’ if you will both lead a course and want to attend other courses.